Ina Viola // Untouchable

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Director: Carola Schmidt

Production & Cut: Carola Schmidt, Ina Viola

special thanks & love to: Vasilis Boudros, Carola Schmidt, Kapitän Elias, Katharina Göbel, Karina Mertin, Monika Döring starring her scarf

Track: Untouchable

Produced by: Ina Viola

Music & Lyrics by: Ina Viola

Mixed by: Philip Hansmann/ Tonklemptnerei, NHOAH Stem Mastering + Additional Programmings : NHOAH

Arrangement: Ina Viola, Valeska Rautenberg


Published by: Log Lady Music Management: R.O.T respect or tolerate


With a background in fine art (UdK, Berlin/ California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles) INA VIOLA has been making music for the past eight years. She has collaborated on tracks with various artists: NHOAH (Berlin), Lulu Schmidt (Vienna/ Berlin) and DJ and sound artist Mieko Suzuki (Tokyo/ Berlin). Her longstanding participation in the TANGOWERK project and her ongoing collaboration with R.O.T. Artistkollektiv (Berlin) has seen her tour to Buenos Aires, Miami, Athens, Vienna, London, and Berlin, amongst others. Now her first EP, featuring her own compositions and song writing, is being released. Ina Viola employs her clear, warm voice and bluesy timbre to interpret everyday moments, supported by electronic sounds, subtle textures and complex, melodic bass lines. Central to her songs – and her art practice in which she creates immersive kinetic installations – is a sense of being able to ‘lose oneself’ within them.