Ina Viola / SHEEP

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Director: Grigoris Panoupoulos

Production & Cut: Grigoris Panoupoulos/ makeyourownfilms

special thanks to Grigoris Panoupoulos for the fantastic work together and Paschalis Zervas for connecting us and Irini Mavraki for the contact to the sheeps and the good tips and LINOS the shepherd for the introduction to the sheep-world and a beautiful day out in the mountains and to Karina Mertin for all the support

Track: SHEEP

Produced by: Ina Viola

Music & Lyrics by: Ina Viola

Mixed by: Philip Hansmann/ Tonklemptnerei, NHOAH Stem Mastering + Additional Programmings : NHOAH

Arrangement: Ina Viola, Valeska Rautenberg


Published by: Log Lady Music Management: R.O.T respect or tolerate


Born in Heidelberg, Germany, Ina Viola has been shaped not only by her years studying and apprenticing in Berlin and Los Angeles, but also – in addition to performing arts and music – by her other passion: off-road motorcycling. Outdoors, amidst the wide open spaces and the natural scenery, far away from the big city in some of the remotest locations in the world, she searches for something essential, fundamental – and tries to get back to basics! This is where she finds her sources of inspiration for her stories and sound compositions.

Her new single, SHEEP, was creating during a “rehab phase” in which she stayed in the Alps of South Tyrol and allowed her body to recover after a serious motorcycle crash. It was here, in the heart of this craggy, barren yet charming mountain landscape, that the artist found a fascinating simplicity, clarity, and a profound ancestral knowledge of how human beings interact with nature. She immersed herself fully in the world of the shepherds and sheepskin tanners, and a spiritual connection was forged. However, before this connection was destroyed by budding erotic feelings, she decided to leave… 

SHEEP is a bass-forward track that leisurely crescendoes into a harmonic melody before deconstructing itself in the purely instrumental staccato refrain, only to finish out by returning to pop-rock harmonies with a warm bluesy voice.