Revolver (sculpture)

9 pieces, ca. 120 x 40 x 200 cm, concrete

A revolver is one of the most internationally known symbols of power. Loaded with associations of instant destruction, the revolver as symbol sits on the border between administrating life and death

In holding such a potent positioning, the object also becomes a symbol of fragility. What is essentially a chunk of metal has the power to reveal the vulnerable relationships between people and structures within our contemporary social environment.

In Der Revolver, Ina Viola takes this binary of force and fragility as a starting point for a re-sculpturing of such a symbol. Blown up large scale and cast in concrete, the object reflects literally on it’s heavy associations. De-constructed in separate parts, it becomes stripped of its ability to function as a unit, at once appearing as excavated archeological fragments of some forgotten civilization. Installed in pieces on a grass-covered floor, Ina Viola invited people to sit on the sculpture as if it were playground equipment. Turning the idea of blowing people apart on it’s head, the sculpture became a facilitator for bringing people together, as viewers congregated and conversed while sitting on the concrete pieces.