Dragonfly (kinetic installation)

aluminium, polyurethane, electric motors, mechanics / 150 x 90 cm

Drone-like, the sculptural cyborg suggests a perfect model for both the beautiful and the absurd. Based on a dragonfly extended to some kind of genetic mutant, the sculpture asks itself and the viewer the limitations of our desire to reproduce. A number of identical, translucent wings move up and down in unison from a central metal rod. From the metal rod, we are able to see the mechanical workings of the entire structure, both satisfying and dumbing down our curiosity. And that is it. The simple movement and monotony of the wings has been extracted and represented for itself, lingering, repeating, hanging mid-air like a half-finished sentence on loop. It catches us in between the mesmerizing simplicity of the moment and the broader implications of its technological reality, as we over-load and over-stimulate our environment.